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Customer Testimonials

I hired Anne Buchanan to help me prepare to sell my house. From start to finish, Anne was wonderful. She spent time with me to assess the whole house and its furnishings. Then she gave me very specific things I could do on my own before she came back. She rearranged and reused my existing furnishings where it made sense, had me make some color changes for the paint in some rooms, and then she went shopping with me to get the pieces that would make the house look fabulous. I assumed this would be a very expensive project, but it was not. Anne helped me find inexpensive pieces to add some style and interest, and made the house look so warm and welcoming. We received an offer on our house after 3 days on the market, and we sold it for more than $15K over what a neighbor got for their almost identical house. And their house took almost 2 years to sell! Now that I'm in my new house, I hired Anne again to help me make it as beautiful as she made the one I just sold. I would recommend Anne to anyone who wants to love their house (whether they are selling it or just want it to feel warm and welcoming)."

- Joan, Marlton Lakes, NJ

- Katie, Medford, NJ


"I hired Anne Buchanan for a consultation in prep for my husband and I in selling our home. I was very impressed in what things she suggested we do! She really does have a gift in seeing what works and what doesn't. We have started working on her suggestions and we will continue to work with her in the future."

- Jacqui, Mt Laurel, NJ

"I hired Anne to help me with a room remodel. I was so pleased with the results, that I hired her again for another room. She was friendly, on time, creative and cost effective. I am very pleased with the process and results."

-Margo, Medford, NJ

"Anne beautifully staged a home for a mutual client. I sold the home in seven days. I highly recommend her to anyone thinking of selling their home or looking to refresh their style."


 -Betty, Realtor